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What is The Alexander Technique ?

How often do we think about the way we sit, stand, work at a desk, carry groceries, or navigate morning traffic? How often do we walk away from the computer, our hobbies, or the gym with pain or discomfort? The small compromises we make performing daily activities have far reaching affects on our overall health and well-being.

The Alexander Technique allows you to find a greater sense of ease, balance, presence and poise in everything you do. Whatever your passion, grow your skills and find more joy in the experience.

By working with a highly trained teacher, you can learn how to reduce and even eliminate strain, whether you are working in the garden, studying for an exam, performing professionally, or playing a competitive sport. The Alexander Technique is a process of undoing, of learning to recognize your unique patterns of habitual and sometimes injurious tensions that lead to chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. It is not a series of treatments or exercises, but a re-education of mind and body. Alexander Technique is a tool you can master and use in your everyday life to promote a greater sense of freedom and well-being.

Who studies the Alexander Technique?

People who experience chronic pain, repetitive strain, breathing problems, poor posture, or who are coping with anxiety, depression, or learning disabilities can benefit from studying the Alexander Technique. It is widely practiced in the world of performing arts because it helps dancers, actors, musicians, public speakers, and athletes cultivate balance, poise, grace, coordination, and helps to eliminate stage fright. It has been known to alleviate pain during pregnancy and aid in labor. Basically, anyone interested in improving their overall quality of life can benefit from the Alexander Technique.

What students are saying

“I love the way Jennifer explains Alexander. She is a lovely, knowledgeable and warm teacher with so much to offer!”

– Lesly Kahn – Acting Teacher, Hollywood, CA

“Just enjoyed my third private session with Alexander Technique Instructor, Jennifer Schulz, and I’m hooked. How I walk, sit, stand, reach, type and text are all shifting in wonderful ways, and I’m no longer flamingo-ing when I teach (putting all my weight on one foot and throwing my neck out in the process). I haven’t been to the chiropractor in weeks, which is HUGE — and my awareness around how I use my body to complete routine tasks is already greatly enhanced.
Highly recommend for anyone with a body :)”

– Wendy Yost – Professor at Cal State University Northridge, Los Angeles, CA

“I had always been curious about Alexander Technique since it seemed to recur in the bios of many of the actors whose work I deeply admired. When I found Jenn I discovered why. Jenn’s knowledge and gentle yet effective instruction have taught me an awareness of my body and given me the relaxation and confidence in acting and in life. I walk in to auditions now open, receptive and ready to play. It felt like learning the missing piece connecting mental and physical preparation. Whether you are a performer or just someone who wants to move through the world with more ease and confidence, Jenn can help you. She is a gifted teacher and a lovely person.”

– Colleen Kresoja, Los Angeles, CA

“As I was getting ready to audition/interview for new commercial representation, I realized the main thing I was concerned about was my nerves. I decided to take a private and additionally an Alexander workshop with Jenn prior to my auditions. Such a helpful way to stay calm and centered when the pressure is on. I used the techniques I learned in my meetings/auditions and I was offered representation from the agency of my choice.”

– Luann Chou, Los Angeles, CA

“I had been studying the Alexander Technique from a book by Missy Vineyard for a couple of years with relatively successful results. I had some idea a teacher would be able to help, but I had no idea the impact that it would have in my A.T. practice. Jenn has been fabulous in opening new dimensions to this marvelous technique. She has the most important quality every teacher should have; she is a great listener. With her gentle and patient approach I have made leaps and bounds in my practice and I feel the impact is seeping into every aspect of my life. From work to fatherhood I have more presence and poise in everything I do. I highly recommend her for anyone who is serious or even just curious about this wonderful technique.”

– Jijo, Chatsworth, CA

“Magic hands! That’s all I have to say. With a slight touch, little nudge, and simple re-education of how the body was designed to move – she’s taken a load off my shoulders. I used to endure neck and back pain sitting in front of my computer for nine plus hours a day, thinking oh well – that’s life. Not anymore. It’s all about knowing how the body was designed to move and sit, and then readjusting oneself in alignment with those natural movements. My work in front of the computer is now pain free and I have more focus and energy! Thank you so much!!”

– D. Gupta, Los Angeles, CA

“I truly appreciated my conversations with Jennifer, as every time I would experience an opening in my body, it would inevitably lead to a more profound epiphany about life, and how Alexander Technique can translate to bringing more ease out into our lives. I have already experienced tremendous success with my goal: To reduce performance anxiety during my auditions and on stage. I have had two [auditions] since completing the 7 weeks, and the way I walked to the studio, into the room, brought a new level of awareness, play, and care for myself completely translated based on the feedback I got, and the way I felt in my body (super confident before, during and after)….”

– Rasika, Los Angeles, CA

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Why is it called The Alexander Techinque?
Who Was
F.M. Alexander?
F.M. Alexander was an Australian actor who, in his early 20's and during the height of his career as a Shakespearean orator, began to lose his voice. He visited doctors who could see no clear disease or reason for his hoarseness and could do no more than give him sprays and advise vocal rest. Although Alexander followed his doctor's advice to the letter, his problem persisted and soon he began to experience complete loss of voice during performance. [ Read More ]
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